jenneskens is a high end technical sports- and lifestyle brand driven by function, durability and performance. We commit to sustainable production practices and develop with the latest technology in order to contribute to a circular system. Pieces offer a versatile and clean fit, and, are most importantly, wearable by all humans. 

Mostly inspired by landscapes, social shifts and body movements, the brand is thriving towards an experience that goes far beyond a piece of clothing. Technical fabrics and detailed trims are used in order to enhance both the lasting as well as the performance of the designs. Materials are either sourced from companies backed by science, or are collected from staples that contain thrown away, used or recycled particles. 

Most items contain multiple properties, such as the regulation of body temperature, breathability and water resistance. Balancing these multifunctional elements with minimalistic and adjustable designs, the items aim for a new format in everyday wear.